Trust and Transparency – Are You Aware of What Your Privacy Policy Commits You To?

Private companies are increasingly expected to take responsibility for protecting their customers’ personal information, with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme coming into force early next year, and recent cases emphasising the significance of privacy policies.

20 May 2017

Feedback from Recruitment Yarns

The first leg of Recruitment Yarns is over, and there has been excellent feedback from those involved.
If you're still unconvinced, read on to see what people have been saying about Recruitment Yarns this year.

20 May 2017

Will She Be Right, Mate?

While it’s healthy to leave some things for fate to work out for us, some things require us to be proactive – as all those in business would know.

20 May 2017

Changes to Skilled Occupations Lists - Essential Information

The last few weeks have seen a major shakeup in the Australian visa landscape. Big changes have been made to the skilled occupations lists from 19 April. Read on to find out more about how these changes may affect you.

2 May 2017

Recruitment Standards: Are You Meeting Yours?

The importance of compliance and recruitment standards has grown significantly over recent years. Recruiters that provide top quality services must be aware of the legislative requirements and of "best practice" in the industry.

29 April 2017

Good Work Safety Practices: The Hidden Risks of Offices, and How to ‘Consult, Cooperate, and Coordinate’ with Host Clients

Generally speaking, workplace health and safety is reasonably well understood, and most recruiters in Australia and NZ are aware of their responsibility for candidates when working on the host client’s work sites. However, there are some aspects of safety management that can be improved.

29 April 2017

From the ‘Back of Bourke’ to Top Quality Services: An Exclusive Interview with Malcolm Reeve (Ochre Recruitment)

In the business of medical recruitment, Ochre Recruitment stands out for one particular reason. Watch our exclusive interview with General Manager Malcolm Reeve to find out more.

3 April 2017

Ochre Recruitment General Manager Malcolm Reeve: Interview Transcript

In the business of medical recruitment, Ochre Recruitment stands out for one particular reason. We found out more from General Manager Malcolm Reeve.

1 April 2017

Talent Management - Churning through staff churn

Staff churn, or a high staff turnover, is a (stomach-churningly) significant problem – and ironically, one that is particularly significant in the recruitment industry.

30 January 2017


Safety Management: Consultation between PCBUs

Recently, the South Australian Industrial Court convicted an on-hire company as well as a host employer for severe injuries sustained by a contractor placed on a work site.  It marks the first time that a court has charged a PCBU under secondary liability under s 46 of the Model Work Health and Safety Act.   Click on the link below to find out what happened and how to avoid the same thing happening to you...

21 December 2016

Flying Too Close For Comfort

Does every one of your employees have the right to work? Can you prove it? Immigration compliance is a hot topic in business affairs this month.

23 March 2016

International Occupational Health and Safety Standard

The International Occupational Health and Safety Standard has reached Draft Stage.

23 March 2016

Illegal Wage Deduction Dispute

Oz Staff Career Services has taken quite a hit after the Federal Circuit Court found that the company had unlawfully deducted an "administration fee" from 102 workers.

23 March 2016

A Red Carpet Roll Call for Quality Management

What's Eating Gilbert Grape? The Aviator; Blood Diamond; The Wolf of Wall Street... What do all these movies have in common?

23 March 2016

Victorian Labour Hire Inquiry

A landmark investigation has been launched into labour hire practices in Australia after alarming findings published in ABC's Four Corners program.

17 February 2016


Practices, not policies, pose biggest compliance risk for SME recruiters

An absence of workplace policies is putting SMEs at risk, but failing to apply and enforce them properly is a bigger issue for the recruitment industry...

4 December 2015

Melbourne to Sydney Charity Bike Ride

Certex International is proudly supporting the Melbourne to Sydney Charity Bike Ride.

2 December 2015

Beacham Group are recognised at the ITCRA Gala Dinner

ITCRA's distinguished guest at the ITCRA Gala Dinner, Michael McLean was pleased to present the first Certex International People & Management Standard Certificate of Registration to Beacham Group, WA.

30 October 2015

ITCRA recognises individuals at the Association's Gala Dinner

Richard Fischer, ITCRA President, welcomes distinguished guests to the ITCRA Gala Dinner in Sydney.

30 October 2015

Guess Who?

Immigration law can keep you guessing: who is a valid employee? Who bears the responsibility to inform the Department of Immigration about improper visas? Who do I turn to when I need advice?

16 September 2015

Data Storage and the Recruitment Process - Finding the Overlap

Data cleansing is a very familiar concept to most companies- even if only by instinct, we understand that information has a 'use-by date': that in the information cycle of creation-distribution-deletion, data will eventually need to be de-identified or destroyed.

14 July 2015

Chocolate Teapots, Hollow Bunnies & the Danger of Form Over Function

You can never understate the value of having robust external as well as internal security protocols. Find out what that means in this article, and find out what the consequences are if you only have one and not the other...

14 July 2015

Risk Management and Recruitment - avoiding Frank Abagnale

This article describes some of the common technical aspects of recruitment which could help to reduce the risk of selecting the wrong candidate for a job.

3 June 2015

Security Incidents in the Past 12 months

88% of businesses have experienced an IT or security incident in the last 12 months. What are you doing to mitigate the risks?

23 April 2015

Data Cleansing - the why and the what?

As we hurtle through the technological era, we are inundated with an overabundance of data: it has never been easier to collect and capture vast amounts of information.

23 March 2015


Company Management- It's a Risky Business

This month, we provide a case study on the implications of improperly managed risks. We then offer you a four step guideline to managing risks in your business. Read about it here.

9 September 2014

The New ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard

A revised version of ISO9001 is set to be released in September 2015. With the changes coming into force only a little over a year from now, Certex has detailed, decoded and described all relevant information currently available. This article aims to pool together all that information into one handy overview for our clients.

2 July 2014

Amplify Your Security Measures- Gauze Bandages For the 'Heartbleed' Bug.

You wrap a wound in a bandage to prevent further infections. Well, the same goes for cyber-wounds. If you don't take reasonable steps to prevent (further) harm to your clients after a cyber attack, you are still liable under the new changes to Privacy law. Confused? Learn about your obligations here.

8 May 2014

"The Process Approach"- What Does This Mean For You?

The ISO9001 standard is set to be revamped in 2015. A significant change will be a movement towards a "process based approach" towards quality management. What does that mean? Read more to find out.

8 May 2014

Telstra Breaches the Privacy of 15,000 Customers.

Have you undertaken a privacy risk assessment? Does some of the personal data you collect include sensitive information? Could some of the data have potentially serious adverse consequence if misused?

14 April 2014

WorkSafe Targets WA Labour Hire Workplaces.

There are new workplace health and safety inspections happening in nearly every industry across Western Australia. There is every likelihood that, if these inspections prove worthwhile, other states might soon follow. Learn more about how the inspections will be conducted and what obligations your company is expected to meet here.

10 March 2014

The APPs Have Been Released.

This week, the APPs become enforceable law. Recruitment is one of the few industries where Privacy Management is critical and compliance across the industry has not been high. The Privacy Commissioner has also indicated that he does not intend to take a "softly, softly" approach in enforcing the new changes as he believes that these are principles that companies should already be employing. In other words? No sympathy will be given to companies who were ignorant of their obligations. So, let's cut out all the waffle, and jump straight into what you need to know.

10 March 2014

Privacy Sweep- How Did We Scrub Up?

Early last year, the OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) conducted a 'privacy Sweep' of around 50 common websites visited by Australians. This was in conjunction with a global check of over 2000 websites and apps observed for 'Privacy Practice Transparency'- that is, how effectively these websites increased public or business awareness of privacy rights and responsibilities, and complied with both current and upcoming privacy legislation. Click here to see their findings.

14 January 2014


Immigration: It's that-time-of-year.

Certex also published an article to the RCSA Journal, where we reiterated the recent changes to immigration law and how they will impact employers. Once again, we would like to thank our subscribers for their interest and dedication to our newsletter, and have therefore uploaded that very article free for our readers on our website. Certex newsletter subscribers will likely already be familiar with these changes, as we have cited them in the past. Still, given the severity of the penalties if you are found in breach, it might be worth casting your attention back and re-familiarizing yourself with those changes.

11 December 2013

Privacy- It's in the Jam, Not the Icing.

Certex recently wrote an article about potential breaches that commonly occur in recruitment agencies. This article was published in a paid industry journal known as Recruitment Extra. Due to the popularity of our previous newsletter (a case study on AAPT Pty Ltd's breach of privacy legislation), we have provided that follow up article freely available on our website asa token of appreciation from Certex to our esteemed readership.

11 December 2013

Quality- Because You're Worth It!

Businesses that become certified in a quality standard such as the RCSA Service Delivery Standard or AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management have systems in place to manage and control these and other issues. It can be hard work - there is no denying this - but the benefits can be well worth it.

28 November 2013

Australia Against the Global Market- ISO 2012 Survey Stats Released.

Every year, ISO releases a certification survey that aims to explain current and growing trends in standards across the world, identifying which standards have received the attention of the global market and how Australian companies are faring against our international competitors. This week, Certex provides you with a bite-sized summary and interpretation of the data.

28 November 2013

Proposed Revision of ISO Standards.

"Not again," I hear you groan. But rest assured, these revisions are set to not only be very beneficial for your organisation, but also involve only minor alterations to your existing procedures.

28 November 2013

Privacy- A Case Study on AAPT Pty Ltd.

If a company has apparently breached their obligations under the Privacy Act, the Information Commissioner has the power to conduct an investigation into the policies and procedures of the company. Investigations will be reported and made publicly available on the OAIC website. Learn from the example of one company who was found to have breached the requirements.

28 November 2013

Privacy- Do You Know What the New Changes Are?

New amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 will take effect in March 2014. It's absolutely essential that organisations begin preparing themselves and their business procedures for compliance now. This is especially important in light of the enhanced powers that the Information Officer will have to discipline organisations that do not adhere to the law. So what's changed?

22 October 2013

The Pyramid Effect: Benefits of ISO Standards for SMEs*.

This week we discuss the benefits of being internationally certified, specifically from the perspective of small and medium sized businesses, and how doing so could give your company at a competitive edge against the big multi-national corporations. We also provide you with useful material to further your understanding about ISO certification.

24 September 2013

Compliance Requirements- No Escape for Business Owners.

Certex International Pty Ltd was privileged to contribute an article to Recruitment Extra and this month. Our focus is on the impact that increased legislation and compliance requirements are having on recruitment agencies across Australia.

26 August 2013

Benefits of Certification- An Interview with Burdekin Shire Council.

Earlier in the year we explained to you about the Queensland government's dismantling of second party quality assurance in favour of external auditing procedures. Most companies have already adapted to the recent changes, but there are many who have not yet caught up and want to know more information. This week we highlight the benefits for your organisation's growth and success in undertaking third party certification. Most pertinent is the value of independent auditing processes in tenders with the Queensland government and indeed, across Australia and the world

26 August 2013

Immigration Laws- Are You 'Up' With the Changes?

There have been recent amendments made by the Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Act 2013 which introduces more stringent penalties to employers who are in violation of this law

5 August 2013

Update on the Transition to JAS-ANZ Accredited Third Party Certification.

What does this all mean for you? Well, if you have not yet achieved your certification, and you have some quiet time, now would be a very good time to schedule and arrange plans to become certified by a third party auditing body. The greatest benefit from certification can be achieved when you are not time-pressed to do so.

19 July 2013

Quality Leaders in the Industry.

Are you aware about the RCSA Service Delivery Standard? Does your company implement a quality system? How does your system fare against the leading performers in the industry?

16 July 2013

How Much Documentation is the Right Amount?

Always a challenging question for quality businesses: how much documentation is the right amount to ensure your quality management system can reliably deliver a quality product or service? Some say that a well run business can achieve quality and efficiency with little more than the mandatory processes documented; others say they have seen this attempted but not done successfully. We know that too much documentation can slow the business down, restrict change and improvement, and can become a costly administrative burden. Too little can lead to loss of control and errors.

2 April 2013